Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology

A Bible Resourse Since 1998
The Mountain Retreat Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology has been a repository and bible education ministry in the Reformed Tradition of the doctrines of Grace. It was developed with the intent to house articles and studies that emphasize sound biblical theology and eschatology, through an intelligent and educational exegesis of the scriptures. This center has but one primary purpose, and that is to faithfully bear witness to the gospel of Christ for a world that is desperately in need of His unadulterated message. Though committed to historic Biblical Christianity rooted in scripture rather than custom, ritual and tradition, we are also an outreach to equip both the laymen and minister for the unique challenges they face in today’s corrupt and sinful world. We stand united as one family within God’s Holy Mountain, whose sole desire is to do the will of God decently and in order. Biblical Theology and Eschatology is anchored in the proposition that God’s word alone (as opposed to the words of men) is the ultimate authority to “rightly” discern what the scripture teaches. As long as this center is in existence, if only one sinner is led to the truth of what is written (rather than how man interprets it), then our purpose has been served. Please take the time to explore the site, as there is much to read and learn here. We invite you to join with us in sound studies in Biblical theology and eschatologyy the God of all creation.

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